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Not the Victor's History
Books that help children ages 0-13 to see history from marginalized, and more accurate, perspectives

Shopping for a child age 13 or under? Shopping at A Seat at the Table means you can buy with confidence knowing you're smashing the kyriarchy and getting something they'll love. You can feel proud giving any of these titles to your children, adding them to your classroom (with your teacher discount!), or gifting them to family and friends. 
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Mo Willems Needs His Own List
Rarely does an author do such justice to kids' difficult feelings, the fact that life doesn't always work out, and the joy that can be found in friendship and self-acceptance as Mo Willems manages to do in every single book. The pigeon never does get to drive the bus, Elephant and Piggie won't get Piggie's new ball back, and Leonardo just won't be able to scare children like other monsters do--but there's beauty, connection, and peace to be found in what does happen in each book. These books, which help children's emotional development and draw in early readers, are perfect for gifts, classrooms, libraries, and bedtime reading.
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